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Hi all, I'm new to All About Circuits.
Could someone tell me where to send PCB designs and purchase components (SMD, caps etc..) in the US? I've always ordered from China but receiving shipments took a month of Sundays. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Welcome to AAC.

I go to OSHPark for small batches (3 pieces). It panelizes your submission, offers really good support, and takes about about a week to ship after panel submission. How fast it is depends on the panel. Sometimes, it is same day. My last submission was late Thursday and was panelized on Saturday. It may not be the cheapest, but it is by far not the most expensive. Production is done in the US, according to OSHPark. It only provides 2 colors. Purple (original) and now clear over a black substrate ("afterdark").

For solder stencil, I tried OSHStencils (not related to OSHPark, but friendly with it). Its price for SS including shipping was quite competitive to Asian producers, and the quality was excellent. I submitted it Thursday, it was shipped Friday (less than 24 hours after submission), and I received it Monday at 0900 .

For parts, I usually go to DigiKey or Mouser. Arrow is bigger than either one, but seems not to be so hobbyist friendly. Newark is also a choice.