Parasitic effect in transistor model for SIMetrix (spice)

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I´m trying to model the real performance of a transistor in a SPICE programm (SIMetrix). I´ve noticed that the model I´ve downloded has modelled the parasitic inductances and resistances, so I´ve tried to delete them (only the inductances) from the .lib file and place them in the circuit to get such a equivalent circuit but it doesn´t work well. Then I read in the .lib file that the inductances have some dependency on the transconductance. For example, Lg is the parasitic inductance in the gate so the line is "Lg gate g1 {Lg*if(dgfs==99,0,1)} " where dgfs is refered somehow to the transconductance. So I don´t know if I have to model an equivalent circuit for the transconductance or simply I´m missing something.

The transistor model is ISC030N10NM6 from Infineon.

Hope someone can help me!