Equivalent circuit doesn´t match in parasitic extraction using spice (SIMetrix)

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I´m trying to extract the parasitic elemments of a PCB. I used ANSYS Q3D to get the results and then SIMetrix to place them. There are two ways to do it: the first is exporting the equivalent circuit from ANSYS and installing the .lib file; the other one, is placing the inductances, resistances and mutual elemments directly in the schemtatic, but these two ways doesn´t match and I don´t know why, because they should be the same for spice code. There are some pictures as a guide:
The way placing the elemments:
I added here the mutual inductances (mutual resistances don´t affect) in the netlist with the lines:

K1_2 L1 L2 -0.609008

K1_3 L1 L3 -0.645187

K2_3 L2 L3 0.125483

The way using the equivalent circuit:
The .lib file is:
To show how they don´t match, this is the turn-off in the low side (red: without equivalent circuit, green: with equivalent circuit):