Parasitic Capactance, Inductance, Resistance of components?

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I'd like to know the general/ball park values for the parasitic capacitances, inductances, and resistances of ceramic capacitors? resistors? and Zener diodes? in the various SMD package sizes. For the resistor and capacitor, i'm interested in 0402, 0603, and 0805 package sizes. And zener diodes in a SOD123 package.

In the past, i thought i read an application note with the information i'm looking for on the resistors and capacitors but i can't seem to find it again. So i know that this sort of information is out there.

Could someone point me to a source with this type of information please? I'm interested in full real world models for these, Ie. each type of component will have parasitic capacitances, inductances, and resistances in the various different configurations.

I have a circuit running in the hundreds of megahertz, and so i'm trying to hunt down the likely suspect for the distortion observed. Hence why i'm curious in the fine details.

It will be greatly appreciated.