Optical beam splitter types?

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I am looking for advice for optical lasers used in construction - the usual red and green types. I want to split the beam so that there are two beams at right angles to the original in a T fashion, so the original vertical beam is split into two horizontal beams.

Is there any such lens/cube out there that does this operation? The idea is to project a marking from a central point in both directions and thus identifying any deviation along that plane.

Also the question of red and green.

from what i can gather, the red laser is cheaper and uses less energy at the expense of range. (to the human eye)
Are there any other factors to consider when choosing an optical laser?


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The human eye is most sensitive to light having a frequency of about 5.5 x 10E14 Hz, which is in the yellow-green region of the electromagnetic spectrum 555 nm (nanometers per centimeter squared)
A light source radiating 1 W of green light will appear much brighter than another source radiating the same amount of power of red light because the eye is more sensitive in the green region. The human eye is sensible to light wave which wavelength is roughly between 400 nm (violet) and 700 nm (red).
It has been my experience with excimer
lasers & charged pumped diode lasers optically speaking.
It is important to account for parallax error: If not projected exactly perpendicularly, the laser spot, line or crosshair may “move” as the distance to the laser changes. I have not seen off the shelf laser projectors capable of doing so. I would have recommended the purchase of such a device believe me.