Opinion about laser CNC machine for PCB drilling

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Hi guys!

I hope this is the correct forum, as I expect the machine to be mostly towards automation and control, if not please move it.

What do you think about this "CNC laser engraver". Since its a laser machine it does not needs the drills to be changed. The important part is how long will it last and at what tickness can it drill. I need the standard "1.57mm" for the copper layer and more when I need to cut the PCB itself. Also some software so I can convert my "KiCad PCBs" and drill them.


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I remember that copper is a notoriously difficult material to etch/engrave/cut using a normal red to infrared laser due to its high reflectivity at those frequencies. That's why some people paint the copper before processing it, to minimize said effect, although I'm not sure how precise the results would be when dealing with the detail level required for a PCB


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That is what they found out at my work too. They had a Trumpf CNC laser cutter a big one that would cut every thing from 20 gauge to 1" thick steel and stainless like butter, with a table that could hold a 4ft by 8ft sheet. But it couldn't cut copper, it would kind of make a melty looking, bad cut but the stuff they need to be cut from copper was cut in a wire EDM.