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Hey guys, Im trying to build a house pad and I’m having trouble with an earthmoving machine I’m using, I’m using a laser leveling system that is electronic over hydraulic, the system uses two sensitivity levels that when machines cutting edge is more then 100mm out it puts constant power to either the up or the down solenoid and when it’s within 100mm it uses a fast pulse to the solenoids to slowly get to the correct height, the problem I’m having is that the fast pulse (it’s roughly 8 or 10 pulses a second ) is activating the solenoid as it should but it’s turning it off before is fully opens, have tested power with halogen test light to solenoids is getting good power and ground and is working when the pulse is constant or manually activated, need some electrical device that can somehow hold power on them for just a tiny bit longer, spent a couple hours with relays and different car flasher cans and couldn’t rectify my problem, thanks


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and the multimeter I testvoltage with only gives me a average voltage
That would be expected. The purpose of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal is to effective reduce the amount of power transferred. An oscilloscope out show you the waveform, and so the peak voltage, but even the average voltage will give some idea of what approaches might be viable.


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Probably that is how it is supposed to work. Reducing the speed when the error becomes smaller. Basic servo theory, and much cheaper than a proportional valve