Op - amp circuit help needed!

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Hello All,

I wanted to design an op-amp circuit that can amplify my signal given below by a gain of 2. The maximum amplitude of this signal is 5V. I am not looking to make an op - amp from scratch. I want to use the ready-made IC components but I don't know which one to use. In addition, I have very little idea about how to make this non-inverting op - amp circuit so I would appreciate if you could tell me the entire circuit schematic with the list of components i.e resistors and capacitors required. My input signal is basically a .csv file that I am converting from digital to analog using a digital to analog converter and the coding is all done on RaspPi.

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This is a typical non-inverting opamp:
In addition to the amplitude of the signal, we need to know the supply voltage restriction and the frequency range of the input signal to choose an opamp with an appropriate gain bandwidth product.

What is the waveform of the input? If it's a square wave, you'll also need to consider slew rate.