Op Amp Circuiit Questions

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Hello there I have a problem with this questions I hope if u can help me with them :)

My problem is how to get Vo in these questions ..

first one because of the non inverting feed back

and the second one is because of the Complexity of the circuit ..

and the in advance



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If this is homework, you need to show your best attempt to solve the problem. We can then look at your attempt and identify what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and help get you on the right path.


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great I'll Do my best, but i really don't know from where to start with the non inverting feedback
Remember that what you are looking for is an output voltage that is stable for the given input (since this isn't an oscillator, hopefully). Also keep in mind that the output voltage is limited to being between the power supply voltages.


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i really don't know from where to start
Analysis of an op-amp circuit wired for negative feedback always starts with the realization that the voltage difference between the op-amp inputs is just a few micro-volts. For an ideal op-amp with infinite gain, the voltage difference is 1/∞ or zero.