Not another Wine Cooler - NTC Characteristics HomCom 800-057

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Hi there, I'm new here and have enjoyed reading a lot of the previous successes in fixing wine coolers. I got this one for free and so have nothing to lose in trying to fix it so here goes:

It is a HomCom 800-057, the PCB is marked Hanny HYS5A60-JH & PCB160706F2. It physically looks a lot like the Twin Star HYS60-12-KD - Control Board PCB111122K6 image on this thread: shown below, this isn't my board but looks very similar. It also looks like

This is my board, a Hanny HYS5A60-JH & PCB160706F2:

HYS5A60-JH PCB160706F2.jpg
So after reading all the advice, I have replaced all the electrolytic capacitors and the fault remains the same which is:

1. When connected up as I received it, it displays HH on the front door display and beeps around every second and runs and cools, I can attempt to change the temp. but it returns to HH, beeping etc even after am extended period of time. The light works etc.
2. If I disconnect the front panel (the 3 pin connector, only 2 wired) CN5 I lose the front panel obviously, but it runs and cools.
3. The current NTC tests around 33 kOhms at room temperature.
4. If I swap in a 10 Ohm NTC, that reads around 11 Ohms at room temperature, the display then displays LL on the front door display and beeps around every second but runs and cools.

I can't rule out that it wasn't connected up correctly at the factory as this was a new unit so currently from top to bottom:

CN2 - CON - Not connected
CN5 LED FAN - Goes to display
CN4 FAN - Goes to Cooler Fan
CN3 FAN - Goes to Cooler Fan
CN1 NTC - Goes to the Thermistor buried somewhere inside the unit that seems impossible to get to.

Is there anything I could try before I resort to chancing my arm with Aliexpress, the website does not fill me with confidence and this isn't a direct replacement so it's taking a chance.

All advice appreciated and I'm enjoying about how these things work from those that have blazed the trail.