NOR flash as Mass storage with a Cortex M series MCU

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Anthony Stark

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I have a 4MB NOR Flash. i want to show this memory as Mass storage on a PC when connected as a USB device.

I have some confusions regarding the need of Filesystems on a NOR flash. I have a reference device (a data logger which mounts its NOR FLASH as USB storage when connected to PC. It uses FAT as the file system).

What i am trying to do is create a File on the NOR flash with an MCU. and Mount this flash memory as a Mass storage device to a computer through an MCU. And to be able to copy the file from the PC.

So far what i have concluded is that i need an MCU with USB_OTG_FS support , a File system for the NOR flash , and a way to Generate a PDF file through the MCU.

1) Is Mass storage class is a good approach to access a file stored in the NOR flash ?

2) Do i need a File system Translational Layer on the MCU side ? or the PC will handle all by it self ?

3) Is anyone familiar with handling a PDF file with an MCU ? i know a little bit about editing the source of the pdf file but not much.

I just need some expert opinion on whether i am going in the right direction or not


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Mcu controls flow of data from pc to memory. That is all it does. If you get this part done, then moving pdf file from pc to memory will be handled automatically.