News from SgtWookie


Joined Nov 25, 2009
I think he's taking a break. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a reduced posting standard, if I didn't have tools to keep up in a different work area.

He's still visiting daily, though.


Joined Nov 26, 2011
I noticed he OK?
While Wookie has computer access, he does not have access to his extensive files & programs from his other computer making his normal responses difficult. Also, he is taking pain meds for his leg issue as he awaits the other surgery and it makes him very sleepy so he's getting caught up on his beauty sleep (you decide if he reallly needs to be more beautiful :D). He is "lurking" around though, as he's commented to me about various threads. It's just going to take some more time for Wookie to get back to his old self so be patient. I think I can speak for him in saying that he appreciates everyone's concern.


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Thanks, 1Chance for giving an update on me. :)

Yes, I've pretty much just been lurking. I'm finding it somewhat frustrating to type on a laptop keyboard; I'll wind up hitting some odd key combination on almost every line, sending my text to oblivion, or opening a new browser window, or trying to make a new favorites folder, or some other pseudo-random "dag-nabit!" type thing. Getting a USB keyboard will alleviate that problem; I already bought a USB wireless mouse as I don't get along with the "mouse pads" very well. I already have a couple USB keyboards in storage; I hate to buy duplicates of stuff.

I did install LTSpice, a couple versions of Cadsoft Eagle, FreePCB to experiment with, and some other utilities - but haven't done much with them. I really didn't want to have to re-create all of the library models I have on two other computers & a backup hard drive that are somewhere in storage. I have done a few simulations, but just a very few. I've pretty much just been reading.

Today, I'm getting discharged from the assisted living facility where I've been for the last month, and am returning to where I was living prior to going in the hospital. I'm going to be without a vehicle for another couple of weeks, which will be annoying - but I'll survive.