New Circuit Board S/W

Discussion in 'Electronics Resources' started by MaxHeadRoom, May 22, 2015.

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    To whom it may concern: Downloaded the Circuitmaker Beta. After a ~500Mb download I'm very sorry I did it. - 1.Your email address is your user name. 2. Program resides on your computer, BUT you have to log on to the website to use it. 3.You don't store your work/schematics on your computer, but in the "cloud". Your work is considered "open source" and available to any member of Circuitmaker. No way to keep it private.

    This to me is no way a 'free' program. You pay by making all of your work public. I am deleting it but can't see a way to remove my email address from the site. Can anyone say SPAM? Not yet (only a member for one day) but can see it coming.:( Proceed at your own risk!