Need to find an quality ECG excitation signal for Senior Design Project

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Hello everyone!

I am part of a group of Engineering students attempting to create a completely wireless three module ECG system. I am responsible for signal acquisition, and analog front end circuitry. Building the circuit was somewhat challenging; however, the most significant obstacle thus far has been acquiring a quality excitation signal. Is anyone aware of a reasonably priced (or free) means of acquiring such a thing for simulation, as well as for testing purposes on the circuit?


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I seem to remember seeing ECG circuits in some of the data sheet applications for very low input bias current op amps...

There seems to be a lot of ECG data out there "ecg signal csv":

I guess you could use a microcontroller and some big resistors, or if your feeling rich something like a Keithley 6221 to the simulate the data. But isn't it easier just to stick electrodes on someone?


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Note by using data table and Wavedac component inside PSOC you
can control sample rate, amplitude, and waveform #, eg. variations in the
ECG signal. Note also there is a DSP component inside PSOC, with a
setup wizard, that would allow you to apply various filters to the WaveDac
digital output, and using one of the other internal DACs output that version to
another pin. Enabling spectral control.

Note you config the WaveDac to use a data table, and using an array in code
supply the sample data-set. There are data sets all over the web for ecg.


Note only a fraction of the capability of PSOC is being used, see right hand window.

Regards, Dana.
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