If you need to ask, you're out of your league and should find something safer.

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When it comes to being here and asking questions to learn I can't say I've ever heard anything stupider in my life. I'll quote it again said by a learned member "If you need to ask, you're out of your league and should find something safer."

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I agree that is an ignorant statement at first glance but the context is important. Many users come to this site with terrible ideas paired with no formal electrical training. The important thing is to look at the merit of the comment to see if it is valid. If it's not valid, ignore that member. There is no sense loosing your mind over a bully's comments.


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Context is important. I'll go out on a limb and posit that some people need to be disabused of their dangerous notions in strong terms. If for no other reason than to draw their attention to the matter. I don't know if we have had any Darwin Award winners pose questions here, but it would not surprise me.


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Electricity can kill you, especially the mains, so in instances of that nature it's sound advice. I know what I'm doing most of the time but I've taken 425V off a capacitor enough times to have a healthy fear when working on even low voltage stuff. Nothing reinforces that better than when a spot on your knuckle looks like you overcooked it on a grill for a few days, lol. Be safe!!

Just read @ElecticSpidey's post. I 1500% support the comment in the context of that circuit.


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No need to drag this on.

AAC promotes safe practices while pursuing your adventures in electricity. The circuit in question is dangerous and that has been conveyed and acknowledged.
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