Need help with XC8 and MPLAB X from microchip ;

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Heh Guys,
I am using the XC8 (free version) C compiler with the MPLAB X IDE from Microchip. My operating system is windows VISTA. Anyway I wrote a program in C for a PIC18F458 microcontroller and after some debugging the program works just fine. My question is will a PIC16F690 work with the XC8 C compiler from Microchip. I think it will but I need to know before I order a few PIC16F690 chips from JAMECO. My hardware tool will work with a PIC16F690. This web site has been a huge help to me and I would like to thank all of you guys for your help! The reason I am switching chips is because the PIC16F690 is much cheaper than the PIC18F458. Thanks again for all your wonderful assistance.


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Just go to project properties, change the PIC to 16F690 and rebuild. If you have included <xc.h>, it probably will compile fine. The only things you'll have issues with is if the two chips have different names for the peripherals/SFRs that you use and any arising from the architectural differences between 16F and 18F.

For example, 18F uses LATx for output, 16F uses PORTx. If you are smart, and I know you are - after all you are here - you'll be able to do the minor translations with ease. If you run into problems.. we're here.

If you quote or 'like' the post, the alerts we get will get you faster help. If you have problems, post your code with code tags and its easy to look at.

Have fun.
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