Need help with mplab x version 3.1 and xc8 version 1.2 c compiler.

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I am having a problem with mplab x version 3.1 and xc8 version 1.2 c compiler. When I build a file in the editor window the errors show up in the output window but the read bars to the right of the editor window don't show up. The code with the errors in it don't have the red underlines in the editor window as well. The error symbols on the line numbers don't show up either. I think I accidently turned off this feature in my software. How can I turn these functions back on? Any help when be much appreciated!


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Mplab x version 3.1 and xc8 version 1.2 are ancient versions of PIC software. Is there a specific reason you need those versions?
MPLAB X keeps track of various settings in its persistence data files. If for some reason one of these files become corrupted, deleting them will restore MPLAB X to its default state and new persistence files will automatically be created.

Persistence files may be found in the following directories depending on your platform: