need help with mplab ide v8.80

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i downloaded a folder contain source code provided for pic18fxx31 to simulate bldc motor.
the folder contain few .asm files, .inc and .hex files.
following statement appear when i open one the .asm file:

;Include following files into the project
;This file(open_bldcHalIC.asm)
;Apropriate linker script file

what does it means? im not familiar with mplab. hope can get helps here.



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It is just comments. Then the assembler see a ";" it will treat everything that follows on that line as a comment and not part of any code. A common mistake among beginners are that they are skimping on the comments in the code. If you post a long program without any comments in this forum. You are not likely to get any help.
By the way we have two sections on the forum. That may give faster response for questions like this and here