MPLAB basic notions. Really need some help.

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Hello everyone,

This questions is going to be a bit weird, but I really need some help in this aspect. I have been a couple days trying to find good tutorials but I really did not find any. My question is pretty simple and Im sure many of you will be able to give a good answer.
Could someone tell me what is the structure in every program? I mean, there is libraries, the "main" calls the libraries..that kind of stuff. I am also vey lost with regard to finding the proper libraries for my device. I am using a dsPIC33E. Where do I find what libraries I need and what are they called? Is there any manual from Microchip or something like that? I also do not understand many of the first declarations such as #pragma config, what is it? What do I need? I also don't where to find what oscillator to use, and where to find it or what code to use.

If you don't want to answer every question, some general tips will be really good.

As you saw, Im pretty lost so any help will be more than welcome.

Thank you very in advance.