Need help with MPLAB X IDE Version 1.85 and Java. :(

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Heh guys,
    I had an older version of java (I think it was Version 1.7) on my windows vista pc. Anyway I upgraded to the newest version of java (I think it was version 1.8) so I could play an on-line game. Anyway I didn't like the game so I killed java thinking that the code wasn't needed. Anyway I have MPLAB X Version 1.85 on my computer for programming microcontrollers which was working fine until I started messing with java. Anyway I tried to run MPLAB X V1.85 after killing java and it said I needed java 1.6 or higher to run MPLAB X. I downloaded java 8 update 60 from oracle and installed it on my fixed disk thinking that would fix the problem. (The installed code was 20.6 MB.) Anyway now when I try to run MPLAB X V1.85 from my desktop the MPLAB X V1.85 boot window pops up and then it just turns off and MPLAB doesn't work. I do know that the current version of MPLAB X from Microchip is 3.1. Anyway my question is how do I get MPLAB X to work on my pc and keep the projects I have already made with MPLAB X? I could really use your help here guys -- as usual I am probably missing something really basic here.
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    Uninstall the old version of MPLAB X and install the new version. 3.1 has it's own Java files in the download.
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    Jun 24, 2013
    Thank you so much for your help -- your fix worked! Once again you guys have come through for me. I love this site to death.

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    Apr 28, 2012
    The old versions only run with certain java revisions.
    And have serious bugs.

    You should get the latest compilers as well.