Need help with my first ever schematic

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I am just starting using KiCad to create my first schematic what I then want turn to pcb later. But for now I just started adding my symbols and connect the wires. But the electronics check is failing on Pin 33,35 and 36. I think I have problems understanding power and GND correct.
So I use a esp32 mini, put everything together on a breadboard and got it working. So I tried to transfer this setup to a schematic but it is looking different then the hardware, the footprint looks correct so I just do not understand the schematic correct. Inout is my usb phone charger with 5v. I know that the board also has 5v output and I thought first that would be the VCC port but where is then the power input.

Hope you can help me In understanding it better. If this is the wrong subform please move it, I was not sure where it would fit correct.Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 18.08.20.png

If you need more information please tell me.

The files for the esp32 mini I found here


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One thing you may have overlooked is each power source has to be identified as such using a Power flag found in the power library.

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...But the electronics check is failing on Pin 33,35 and 36.
It wold help if you post the text of these messages. Often they are do to KiCad being overly cautious, like "no driving source" when none of the grounded pins of your circuit drive current to ground.

Pin 32 looks like it is marked with a X NO CONNECT but is actually connected.