Need help with a dfr0494 (raspberry pi ups hat)

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Hello everyone

Just got a dfr0494 (uninterruptible power supply) for a (I think this is correct) sc0195 (raspberry pi mini computer), and I think everything is working except the battery I got for it.

Just to clarify the rpi is working fine, the power supply for the dfr0494 seems to be working correctly, the battery I got for the dfr0494 is draining while charging.

Here’s the wiki (which contains the specifications) for the dfr0494:

Here’s the power supply I got for it:

And here’s the battery I got for it:

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Does the battery charge if the raspberry pi is off? You have a 3A power supply, it might be inadequate to both charge the battery and power the computer. What's the normal current draw to the RPi when operating normally?