Need help to choose technology from radio device

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I am building a projet that need radio transmission

On one side there is a esp32 with radio reception. This esp32 will manage actuator 24V DC
On the other side, i need to build a hand remote control that will send orders to the esp32 through radio transmission

My questions:
what is the best technology in terms of radios device for my project ?
This technology should allow to choose a channel (same for the emitter "remote control" and on the receipter "esp32")
if possible i would like to transmit encrypted radio message.

I saw multiple video on radio device that can be plug on the esp32 like nRF24L01 : is it suitable for my project?
Do you know if a company that can build the remote control ? (plastic box, electronic device, battery) ?

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You have omitted some vital information such as maximum range, number of commands or operational modes.
A simple solution is a wireless doorbell which should be good for more than 10m range.
IR remote controllers can accommodate many different commands.

Another option is HC-05 bluetooth module paired with an Android device.


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The nRF24L01 is a perfectly good option but if you are already using an ESP-32 I would certainly consider using an ESP-32 on the control side and using ESP-Now as the communication between them.

This is, of course, pure surmise since I have no idea what the application is. As a rule, any actuator remote controlled over radio is a red flag. If the actuator is tiny, you only risk damaging your mechanism as a result of unintended operation but if it is large you can hurt or even kill a person, so—we need more details.


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NRF24L is ideal for less than 100 m afar and with altered antenna up to the 1 km in ideal environment, when drived by ARM computer like Atmega328 (or 325, 329 what are better available just now while covid damages to the semiconductor plants are under healing). The LORA is 10x expensiver but works up to 3 km, however consumes more battery blood. Its benefit is 865 MHz instead of 2400. Both needs ARM tablet. Both signals are chiphrated. Both repeats "telegram" with growing power until receiver declares that command is received and parity control is OK.


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I have used HC12 modules and they work very well for my application (Remote moitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity, voltage and current. I also use them to remotely control an automatic feeder for hedgehogs that visit our garden.)
As others have said you need to tell us exactly what you are trying to do including the range and the nature of the data that you need to transmit.



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It depends what "etc" covers.
If it was just open and close one of the wireless remote switches sold on ebay or Banggood" would probably do what you want.
Using HC12s together with a microcontroller such as a PIC12F1840 or an ATtinyb23a would do what you want.
I use a very simple coding system to request data from one of the remote sensors. I use the # character followed by a single upper case ASCII letter.
I don't use a dedicated transmitter. I just have an HC12 connected to a serial port on my computer and send the characters using a terminal emulation program.