need help for a fully corrupted board

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I have a fully corrupted board under burning glass,
a communication main Board that is roasted its main processor,PCB is oxidized and many other faults.
so,I've disappointed about reform and wanted to dissolve in acid or somthing...
any Idea and help?



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You want to dissolve the board? If it were mine I'd scrap out parts that were good then put the rest in the proper recycling bin. I have a drawer full of dead boards. Some have relays, some have SMT LED's, most have various connectors, and a lot of other potentially useful stuff.

Kept an old exhaust fan for about 8 years. Last week I connected it to an old ceiling fan control module that was not properly working the lights. Set the exhaust fan over the kitty litter box and ducted the airflow outside. The fan runs at almost an imperceptible level, gently pulling the odor from the kitty box outside. When cleaning the box I switch the fan to medium and scoop the litter.

There can be many useful items on an old board. But if you just want to dispose of it - dissolving it in acid is a good way to destroy it. But now you have acid you have to dispose of. Best way to dispose of a failed board is to put it in the recycling bin. Some boards even have gold edge connector pins - the gold can be recovered. There's a whole industry in just salvaging gold from old computer boards.