need help! for 100w dual axis solar tracker

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Arfa Ahmed

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I am working on a project of 100w dual axis solar tracker, but i am confused.
my question is how much of power DC motor should i required to rotate the panel in dual axis?


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If a '100W tracker' is a tracker which uses 100W to power it and requires about the same torque x speed product for each axis, then each motor would require 50W. However, depending on what is being rotated, at what rate, mechanical balance/symmetry, bearing friction, gearing used, etc it is probable that one axis will need a more powerful motor than the other.


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Power is required to do mechanical work, without knowing the amount of work to be done, and the time it must be done in, you cannot answer the question.

You can make a reasonable guess at how fast it needs to go, but the actual mechanical load is unknown.
It will take a very small amount of power to track, a larger amount to slew into position when you turn it on.

Measure the force necessary to position the panel.