Need Design Ratification before I shoot myself in the foot, Vehicle Speed Corrector + more

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Good afternoon, and many thanks in advance.

This is the Start of a spec I’m putting together, and I would be very grateful if you could stop me if I'm going down the wrong road.

I've still got a lot of detail to understand but it’s a start, all be it an adventurous one. I'm a programmer of many years, C,C++,ASM, and others, but never worked on Pics before, done a few simple things like making a LED flash, which I used to start understanding the basic of PIC programming, this was the starting point of a much bigger project I need to undertake. I've been using a PIC18F45K50 for the stuff I've done so far.

I'm building a custom car and it needs to go through a DVLA build test, this rightly tests many parts of the car and electronics are the way forward.

Thus the issues I need to address are :-
Speedo speed correction (5V Square wave)
Steering Control(5V Square wave)
Max Speed fuel cutoff

* ===================
* Design Requirements
* ===================
* This code/device is to resolve 3 issues I’m having with building a Vehicle
* to pass BIVA government test.
* R1) The Vehicle being built has mismatched gearbox, final drive and wheel
* sizes, which in turn cause the speedometer to read incorrectly.
* a) Generate new correct square wave VS output signal based on the Ford VSS
* b) VSS only produces around 2 pulses per second at 1 mph
* R2) A maximum speed limiter so that various components used cannot exceed
* their design threshold, like Tyres.
* a) Create a Fuel Pump On / Off to control the Maximum speed
* R3) Outputs to drive a Vauxhall Corsa Steering Column
* This column has 3 force settings controlled by the VSS frequency,
* High 0-15mph, Medium 18-45mph, Low 45mph+,
* a) An VS output frequency for the speed (Approx 5 x the Ford VSS signal)
* b) An output pin to drive Steering Initializing, i.e. 0v on start,
* and then +12v after ten seconds
* c) RPM Input and Output pins, used in Steering Initialisation
* As a plus it allows wiring from one place
* PIC Ports Used (pin numbers are not correct, to be determined) :-
* 1) Speed Corrector
* RA1 - Input from the gearbox Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
* RB1 - Output Corrected Speed Frequency
* 2) RPM
* RA2 - RPM Input signal
* 3) Vauxhall Electronic Steering Column
* RB2 - Output Frequency
* RB3 - 0v to 12v via MosFet, 10 second after start, i.e RPM reads > 400
* 3) Max Speed Trigger
* RB4 - 12v to 0v via MosFet, High / Low to switch the Fuel Pump On / Off
* Basic Processing:-
* Use an interrupt to capture the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Pulses
* (frequency) and keep a count of them
* Use a timer 4 times a Second to execute a procedure that uses the captured
* VSS Pulses and computes the new outputs for (Speed and Steering),
* then reset the VSS counter after the computation.
* Finally setting the output frequency’s as calculated
* This will repeat 4 times a second