multiple layout files for the same amplifier in altium

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yef smith

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Hello ,i want to import a layout of the amplifier shown in the link below.i opened the ZIP folder and i have there about 10 files.
i know DRR is drill report.
When i googled rest of the files i see that they are the same by definition.
i know that there is no netlist.
How do i know what files i need to recreate the layout in altium?



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After taking a look at a few files in a text editor, I suspect you need all of them. They appear to each be different layers of the board - one Gerber file per layer. Here are what they correspond to:
DRR: Drill File
GD1: Drill drawing for Metal 1 to Metal 3 vias
GD2: Drill drawing for Metal 1 to Metal 2 vias
LDP: Looks to be some layer definition pairs (setting names and whatnot). Don't think it's needed for your layout, but I don't know
REP: Report (from whenever these files were generated). Useful info, but not really needed for the layout. It actually tells you some of the layer names and what they are.
TX1: Seems to specify which holes are plated
GTL: Top Copper
GTS: Top Soldermask
GTO: Top Silkscreen (overlay)
GTP: Top Silkscreen
GBL: Bottom Copper
G1: Inner Copper
TXT: Drill (Gerber)
GM2: Mechanical Outline

If you use an online gerber viewer, you get the following image:
(I used PCBWay's Gerber viewer tool)

Basically, you need all of them except the REP file, and possibly the LDP file (not sure on that one).


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Those ate gerber files. Can Allium import Gerber files? And if it can, all you will have is a board layout, not a schematic.