multiple flame detection circuit design

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how do i design a system to detect high temperature flame (industrial) at five ore more different points with an electrodes flame detection at each point using arduino or any other IC chips.


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You don't.
Purchase Commercial Units which have a multitude of known problems already worked-out for You,
and which, are approved by the appropriate agencies,
and the manufacturer of the Machine,
for that particular Model of Machine.

Of course there's a very limited chance that a completely Optical Solution
could be arraigned that is positioned and protected well outside of the Machine,
but that's just an interesting mental exercise.

Either way, there any number of Codes that you'd be breaking,
as well as potentially putting other people's lives at risk.

Bad idea.


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For an actual industrial application you really don't. Most hobby circuits, not for an industrial application use a UV module coupled to a uC be it an Arduino or similar. Using a flame rod is another design all together. Hobby projects should never be used in any commercial or industrial environments. I worked with several large industrial boiler systems and would never have considered using a home brew hobby project for flame detection as I have seen what happens when things really go wrong, just the explosive force of 1 cubic foot of natural gas at atmospheric pressure makes a heck of a bang.

Now if you just want a hobby flame detection project I suggest a UV detector module and a uC be it Arduino or similar. Again, for anything used in an industrial setting involving safety I would be looking commercial from a known reputable vendor.