multiple conductors vise large conductor


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dang man, what industry are you in?
Telecom power distribution.
This picture is 1/4" x 6" bus bars paralleled for a battery plant. Thats some serious current. Note the space in between each piece for airflow/heat release.
You can see some runs of gray 750kcmil cable in the ladder rack on the right


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holy crap! That's a few thousand bucks worth of copper I bet.
Yep I saw a bill for one installation and there was over $250,000 in just wire. And it was a small installation.

I can't remember exactly but when I wired up our test lab I believe I paid like $35 per foot for the 750kcmil wire.


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Strantor, have a look at the auto shops for a good quality set of "jump start leads" it can be a good way to get thick high amperage wire fairly cheap, already colour coded RED/BLACK. I've seen people use these leads for EV bike use etc.