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Hi there,

I want to build a bluetooth stereo speaker set for my yamaha xvs 650a.

So due to me never having built something like this before, I have some questions.

Buyable speaker sets claim to have either 600W or 1000W amps, and I've found this 2x500W amp board on amazon and was wondering if this might serve my need in overpowering wind noise at 120 km/h.

Also I want to know if it is possible to add some sort of speed sensitive volume control to automatically adjust the volume down as I slow down. I haven't found anything on this topic searching the web.

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Wind noise at 120km/hr will make you deaf. 2 x 500W will make you and everybody near you deaf.
The extremely cheap and low quality 2 x 500W Chinese amplifiers from Amazon have no detailed audio spec's.
Two 500W speakers might weigh more than you.
I was going to ask why you don't use headphones but how will you hear ambulances and fire engines?