Modifying tone presets on a Casio CA-100.

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I am looking for ways I could modify the tone presets in a Casio CA-100. For example removing reverb, echo. Playing with the synthesizer settings to have my on presets or even turning it into a synthesizer. Ideally keeping the original presets or a copy of somewhere.

Is this possible? Is there a way to add a connection to hook it up to a computer and modify the sounds?

I am not really interested in circuit bending the keyboard but if it could help I'm not against.

I have attached the service manual below and thank you in advance for your answers.



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I doubt that you can change the presets. The main sound chip MSM-6387 has its own internal ROM with the sound waveforms, effects etc. Based on the early '90 date, I would guess it is not field programmable.
Best guess, sorry.