Modifying Ride on Car for Child with Special Needs. Circuit integration of relay and motorcontroller

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Hi All,

Our current issue is this. We have the following ride on car (for a child with a motor disability) and we want to be able to control it with the following motor controller. This works fine as in the below circuit and actual part. The problem is we want to know the easiest way to activate (actuate) the go function using the big red switch seen below. To do this normally we use a relay and that works fine. The problem is combining the big red button and relay circuit with this motor controller circuit. All help is appreciated. The reason for all of this is to dial speed to meet these children’s needs.


Using a standard 12v automotive relay and this big red switch paired with a audio cord we cut the male end off of


And here is the motor controller

upload_2015-11-6_22-14-54.png upload_2015-11-6_22-15-2.png upload_2015-11-6_22-15-15.png upload_2015-11-6_22-15-21.png


Working Voltage: DC 6V - DC 90V (Ultra wide working voltage)

Control Power: 0.01 - 1000W(Max current :15A)

Static Current: 0.005A ( Standby)

PWM Duty Cycle: 0% -100%

PWM Frequency: 15Khz

Voltage control:0-5v(Voltage -mode control ,can use PLC to control the motor speed directly)

With power reverse connection protection, has complete protection from overvoltage, 20A to quickly fuse the ceramic fuse ,can use PLC voltage to control directly.

Thanks for the Help

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A ride on car is a 12v kids toy car. we are using the jeep from fisher price. 12v battery and two 12v dc motors, one in each rear wheel


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Your problem description is unclear. What switching action does the switch perform; SPST, SPDT, etc? Why do you believe you need a relay? Is the motor controller intended to set a constant speed with no acceleration/deceleration ramp? Is the purpose of the switch, relay and controller to replace the foot operated throttle?