Missing traces update issue.

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Hi guys; Bringing up the Missing traces Charging port issue, and admitting that i failed completely on soldering it to the board due most and for most poor Vision,i wasted 3 ports,cause i have to admit that i'm damn stubborn and i never give up,even if that costs me money,
Now i took another way in order to salvage the kindle,at least to make it work,
so i grabbed a USB cable and connected it to power supply and striped one end and checked for the 5 v wires so i got 5v on black +brown wire and cut off the remaining wires then i soldered the 5v wires strait to the board to the 1 and 5 traces or the traces on the outside,
now Kindle is working great but only with power supply plugged in, that's ok and it's better than nothing or trash it.

Now i just want your expertise on this circuit,connecting the 5 v this way to the motherboard! is it getting power from the power supply strait to the the motherboard or does it go to the battery then motherboard?it seems to me the battery wont last more then a few seconds or minutes. long if unplugged for power supply,it does turn off the screen after being not in use for some time or unplugged

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