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    Mar 31, 2012

    I think I have seen this happen before, but was never absolutely sure. Now I am.

    I ran across a thread in the Math forum (the one I started on the Power Ball some time ago) and noticed that there was a new response to it by a member (Lool) made at 12:17 pm today. But I thought I had dealt with all of the threads with new responses in my Alerts list. So I went and looked and, sure enough, there is no alert for that post.

    At this point I'm assuming that this is because, perhaps, I have not visited that particular thread since the last time I received an alert for that particular thread. If this is the way things are configured, then I would recommend that it be changed so that any time you visit it restarts the clock on receiving alerts from all threads. This is the way other forums I'm on are set up. The reason is precisely for this case here -- if you miss a single alert, for whatever reason, then no matter how active you are and no matter how active the thread is, you may never know it because you are relying on an alert to tell you that it is active and you should go look. It's fine to not issue additional alerts until after you visit the forum again, but once you DO visit, then you should get an alert for any thread that you are watching that has activity after that point. I thought that was how this forum was set up (and maybe it is, in which case this missing alert is possibly a bug). I'll try to pay closer attention to see if I can tell if that's the case or not.
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    While this add-on doesn't solve your issue, it may still be helpful?
    >For threads, automatically marks alerts as read from content on a given page when viewed.

    That way you don't need to hover over an alert to mark it as read, if you visit the thread it will automatically be marked. I cannot find an add-on to 'reset' alerts on forum visit like you are asking though, and unfortunately it's not built into the core.
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    Same thing happened to me about a year ago, and I posted it in this same forum. Don't know if this is an issue for you anymore, but you may like to see that thread.
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