Mil-std 461 CS115 Impulse Excitation Test Equipment Problem

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I've been asked to repair Mil-std 461 CS115 Impulse Excitation Test Equipment.
Here is the explanation:
"A coaxial charged line pulse generator is used to generate the specified waveform (see Figure 1) where an open circuit coaxial cable will acquire a charge and then discharge into the output circuit connected to a current probe when switched connecting the charged line. Switching is controlled by a pulse rate controller and relay."
I've attached figure-1.
The problem is that when I switch on the device I could not see the the specified waveform.
But when I give voltage to coil of the relay once manually (by a power supply),I can see the pulse signal(Figure-1).
The rate of repetition of the signal should be 30 Hz for one second.
I thought pulse rate controller may be broken then I drove relay by an external circuit .
Here is the external circuit:
But finally I could not obtain the signal, amplitude changes.
Signal amplitude must be at the same level.
Do you have any idea what kind of relay could be used?
What could be the problem?
Then I've controlled pulse rate controller, it works :(
Trig signal is of controller attached.