Microwave Moisture Measuring Sensor NEED HELP!

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There are such devices by many manufacturers with this technology and they say these things..im stuck here too..

Wavelength of 10cm is equal to 2.99ghz..

How are they doing it then?

The article says its a resonator based method of microwave generation.

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However i know that it is 100 percent possible to measure moisture and density of a material by microwave/electromagnetic waves/RF resonator.

But the problem is that im near to this Final year project and im hell scared now.

Okay lets say that absorbed energy is heating the material there are two things.

I. The material of my project is yarn already at 90 degree Celsius.
2. These yarns are moving at some certain speed.

Here i dont think that this little time of contact will effect the material upto such extent. And if it does heat upon absorbing im okay with it.

Can you just help me in designing the emitter producing 1ghz of microwave/EM waves?
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Another file thats attached with post #14 says

The Microwave Measurement Method

The microwave moisture measurement method reacts with high accuracy to the water molecules in the
product. This selectivity results on two attributes of the water molecules:
1. Water molecules possess a strong electrical dipole field which shows a good measurable effect to an
external electrical measuring field.
2. Water molecules are very small and movable, much smaller than e.g. sugar-or fat-molecules.
The introduced microwave measuring system produces an external, processor controlled electrical
measuring field with very low electrical power and an extremely high polarity changing rate at the sample
applicator. This change of polarity takes place with a frequency in the lower gigahertz-range i.e. more than
1000 million times per second and a wavelength of about 10 cm which explicates the general terminus
‘microwave technology’.

If now a sample is placed into this microwave field, the bipolar water molecules orientates with the
oscillating external field and begin rotating. Bigger molecules or e.g. ions of mineral salt are not small enough
to follow the high rotation rate of the water molecules. The rotating of the molecules with the oscillating
external field influences the external field itself in a measurable way.
The practical realization of the microwave method is based upon the resonator method. The low power
measuring field (max. 10 mW) resides either inside a metallic cave or upside a plane plate. Due to an
extremely exact three-dimensional design of the measuring field there is no ambient emission of electrical
energy and no warming up of the product.

Two microwave parameters are measured accurate and fast from the interaction between electrical field and
water molecules: energy loss and frequency change of the electrical measuring field. The instrument now
determines the result out from the two parameters by means of a patented method. The system registers the
complete amount of moisture contained in the sample volume: surface-moisture and capillary bound moisture.

I hopes now this is clear to you that nothings going to heat up by absorption of energy.
Of course not - the laws of conservation don't apply here.................

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How does it say microwaves detect water?
If you have a little time go through this article briefly
I dont know why you people here not reading the files i am uploading, im not saying this by myself hundreds of articles and new instrumentation are using this technology to detect moisture content/water on substrates like wood, fiber etc.

Please briefly go through what i am attaching along my posts.


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