MC2100 treadmill motor control circuit


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Hi ,
My main board works now, there is Q5 was broken, and I redid some soldering on the smd in particular on the resistance R22 which did not make good contact and a leg 1 of U3, I replaced the STRW6251 by a STRW6253 which accepts 10 A.
the engine runs again, the led flashes regularly when you press start and remains fixed when you press stop. The bench is fixed, thanks for the info, and the diagrams of the main board.
I will post a video in few minutes .

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Thanks "Chpa17" I began to compare the two. The 3 connector side by side and D22 right site from the uC, not measurable.
Hello, After a short circuit on IGBT, don't feel the step on the belt. / I strongly think this shortcut made a spike on the earth wire and partly damaged the controller. I also post on the Hungarian electronics site, and similar problems were reported thereafter the IGBT short circuit. / Every step on the belt will slower the motor. If I disconnect the speed sensor don't happens anything. I basically fixing an EU-type treadmill, with TWI between the 2 controllers. I don't know, this calibrates the impulse wide from the speed sensor or the increased motor current?


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Good evening, I hope someone can help me. I would like to know the value or code of diode D8 and D7 of the MC2100 rev. C icon 2003
thank you all.
Firstly just 'Cheers' to everybody advising in this thread, found my fault and repair of a 240V MC2100E RevC Icon 2003 by scrolling through from the 1st post..
In passing D8 & D7 on that board aren't 1N4744 & 1N4007 packaging but SMA packs, I had to replace D8 the 15V Zener, Z15SMA15 along with the IRG4PC40K, S8025L & TO3052'''
Popped photo below....D7, D8 MC21003 RevC 2003.jpg