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This is my first post on this forum, so hello everyone! I hope you're doing fine!

I am writing because of the issue I have during simulating of Tremolo effect in LTSpice software.
My schematic that I use shows picture below:

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The problem is the fact that LTSpice does not simulate this effect at all. It is so strange, because I have built a physical effect based on this schematic and everything works good. I investigated effect on oscilloscope too and the output signal looks as it should.
Furthermore I have created a potentiometer model (LTSpice does not have its own in libraries) based on one of the YouTube tutorial and only one of them works properly (VOLUME, near C5 capacitor). Changing values of the other has no effect in output signal.. Here is potentiometer model:

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Can you explain me what is wrong with this schematic that it does not simulate? Input and output signals have shown below:

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Thank you in advance for any help!
I'm interested to this circuit. I'm new in electronic world and I'm trying to learn; could you explain me all the block of this circuit?
Thanks a lot

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