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I was following advice, how to create zero crossing detection circuit but don't understand why I have on the chart just half of the voltage (divided by 50). +/-2V instead of +/-4V. I don't know too, how to rename probe name from n006, n007 to ac1, ac2 as in the original circuit diagram in the thread.

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Spice uses generic net names when creating a schematic. If you want to give the nets specific names you use the "Label Net" function. It is a square box with a capital "A" inside the box. It is between the "Place GND" icon and the "Place Resistor" icon on the main tool bar.

It seems strange to see an opto circuit with the identical ground on both sides of the isolation barrier. Was that your intention. Since I don't know where nodes 4 and 6 are I can't be much more help.