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Scattered throughout the various sub forums are numerous examples of LTspice files with circles and arrows and a pargraph about each circuit, Much like the completed projects forum it would be cool to have some of them collected and organized not only for the circuits, but for the techniques like testing device parameters against the datasheet and using the various capabilities of LTspice. The big advantage this forum has over the site is the ability to combine files with images and pictures.


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The OP esentially suggests "collecting the many simulations using LTSpice" diseminated in the forums of this site.

It could take time but I think is a very useful idea.

Could I help? As the regulars know, not an expert myself.

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I'm surprised none of the forums on this site even lists simulation as a subject. It's something which often bridges analogue and digital domains so doesn't sit happily in any of the present forums Over at ETO they have a forum for Cicuit Simulation.