LT spice 1N4007 model

In the Windows\Program Files (x86)\ LTC\LTspiceIV\lib\cmp, rename the standard.dio file to standard.dio.bu (to backup the file).
Add the attached file in that same folder to replace it.
Rename the file standard.dio
That has models for 1N4001 through 1N4007.
But now if I choose diode it tells no item match your search


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This problem crops up all the time. Until your really familiar with LTspice, things go much smoother if you leave the standard installation files alone. Follow the instructions below.

To add the diode:
1. copy the diode .model statement to a file. Name the file something like 1n4007.txt
2. Place the file in your schematic folder (the same folder where the schematic .asc file is stored)
3. Launch LTspice and open your schematic.
4. Add a dot "include" statement to your schematic:
a. Click anywhere in the schematic, then type the letter T. A text dialog box will open.
c. Click the radio button "Spice Directive"
b. In the text area, type the .include directive and the name of the model file:
.include 1n4007.txt
d. Notice the leading "." (dot) at the beginning of the include statement.
e. Click OK, then place the text on the schematic. The text color should be black to indicate its a spice directive.

Now place a diode symbol on the schematic. Change the value field of the diode symbol to reflect the model name used in the .model statement. Click OK...your done.

Note...In step 1 above, you can also put multiple .model statements in the model file.