LT spice 1N4007 model ..#2

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In the Windows\Program Files (x86)\ LTC\LTspiceIV\lib\cmp, rename the standard.dio file to standard.dio.bu (to backup the file).
Add the attached file in that same folder to replace it.
Rename the file standard.dio
That has models for 1N4001 through 1N4007.
hey thanks for the file. But i got a problem while copying it into cmp, it is copied a text while not like .dio file. how to change the file extension?



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hi 1919,
Use Windows Explorer to find the Standard.txt folder [ or whatever you have called the download file from crutschow.

Place the cursor on the standard.txt name and right Click, on the pop up menu choose Rename and the change the extension to .dio
The standard.dio should be in the cmp when you are done.

I have attached some diode models,

So you follow OK.??