Looking for GAL/PAL?CPLD programmer


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Responding to comment(s) about hard to find and expensive....

Many listings on ebay...e.g. a complete experimenters kit purports support for over 15 devices, accommodates virtually any dip

TL866II Plus programmer TL866 nand flash AVR PIC Bios USB Programmer + adapter | eBay

Also last I saw Lattice still sells a few, and had verilog programming support, but that 10 yrs since I looked
someone below said microchip makes them

16v9 and 22v10 very easy to find on ebay - sometimes even the smallest FPGA is overkill and requires jtag so still a place for these old devices when all you need is a half dozen gates and a couple flops.

Just to note,
the "simple" programmers you highlight, such as the Ti one,
do not necessarily interface to the tools to program the GAL / PAL
or dont support the protocol needed,
JED file is great, but it does not tell the programmer what voltages or timings needed for the specific device.