LM723 vs LM317 regulator choice?


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I've used several regulators, including the LM317 and the LM7805. For high precision, I would go for a discrete design with a pass transistor (NPN) and an op-amp. It depends on what you want.

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agreed with prev posts. 723 is fine but required more external components, adjustable range was not continuous, it was split into two (below and above some 7V if i recall) - unless one adds some mods like adds neg rail.


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Depends upon your bench supply requirements.

The LM317 is very simple to use, and is nearly bullet-proof as it has both short-circuit and over-temperature protection.
But it's limited to about 1.5A and has a minimum output voltage of 1.2V.

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I only need an Amp at about 3 - 30v since my interest is in small signal amps and pre amps

thanks guys, i'm going to use the LM723.