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I have bought a led night light from Lidl.
Its characteristis are:
LIVARNO led night light - Model No: 100933-14-04
230V-50Hz 0.30W Max
LED: 1 x 0,18W Max

When plugged in to the mains, it was changing colours during the night. Lately it stopped working and only the red light is showing up and it is dim.

I opened it up to check which components it contains. These are:
The led is WS2812B 5050, which I connected it to two AAA batteries and all led colours seem to change with no problem.
I also connected the two AAA batteries to the integrated circuit, which send the pwm pulses to the led for changing colours, and seems to work fine.
Lastly I plugged it in to the mains in order to test the bridge rectifier MB10S and returns DC current to the output.

You can view photos here:

Can someone suggest me what else I can check out?
Thank you very much for your help.



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