LED Light Strip

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I got an LED Light Strip from Amazon.
It is just a 16 Foot Roll of LEDs on a Strip.

And every 3. Inches or so You can Cut Off what You need.

And You can just put a Plug Adapter on the End.

This is the Adapter

So when YouCut the Strip for what You want You will have Two Pins but they do not have Pluss or Minus.
So how do I know how to Plug it in to the Adapter?

LEDs can only work if they get Power the Right Way.


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The strip usually has a small + at each point where you can cut.
Note that most of these strips cant be cut anywhere. There’s usually a point every three leds where a cut can be made. If you cut in the wrong place, the last few leds won’t light.

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My LED Strip has a Line going across it every 3. Inches.
And yes I did Cut some of it and used it and it worked.

But it was the one End that had a Connector on it.
But it does Say You can keep Cutting it.

So I put the one End in my Scanner and Blue Up the Image.
And I See No Plus Markings or any Markings.

And if I put the Part Number in Amazon it does not Bring Up this Item

It is an LED LIGHT Strip that comes on a Roll.
It is by HitLights.
Part Number L1012v-252-1630-u
Length 16.4 Feet.
Style smd5050- cool white high density

I thought if I can Find the Item again I can Ask them.


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I did want to know about these Connectors I will use with it?

I know the Round Plug will go to the 12 Volt Power Supply.

But if I Cut the Flat Female Part off the other End and Open it up.
Will there be a Red and Black Wire?

I need something like this.
Likely, but why are you cutting anything?

How is the 12V supply terminated? If it has a male plug, then wire the female plug bare ends to the led strip plug connectors watching polarity.

If the power supply is terminated with bare wires, connect them to the bare wires of the male plug. And then wire the female plug as in the last paragraph.

I don’t understand what you’re missing? There are many ways of wiring the plugs and jacks to power and to the led strips. Just ensure that polarity requirements are observed.