laser diode modulation project questions

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omer khater

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Hello guys

I have a project of optical transmitter using feedback power stabilization technique

The components are Laser diode and laser diode driver and bunch of resistors ,capacitors, conductors..etc

I have a little bit of knowledge in optical Theory (nearly one course in opitcal communication)

my laser diode driver is from analog device ADN2848 with all about it here

and my laser diode is E2550 from Triquint with its data sheet in attachments

my problems about this project is the following

1-The data sheet of this laser very low details about the laser especially about Electroabsorption modulator and how to use it and also for pins of the laser

Triquint didn't give any application note explains how use all the advantages of this laser

2-For the laser diode driver the datasheet mention 2 applications of this driver for ac coupled and dc coupled circuits without differentiate between them and i read a lot in optics references and search google a lot and i didn't find the real difference between them

Also, the basic operation of this IC isn't clear in datasheet , inputs and outputs isn't clear ,the values of some external resistors , inductors and capacitors how to choose them

3-I read the evaluation kit of ac driver circuit and the list of components it mentioned but it also didn't explain why this values and how to choose them

I use Orcad for design the circuit and with lack of information about the design and difficulties of simulating the design it will be a design with uncertainty about the resultant

so any ideas how to operate with this problems ?


I suspect you need to do a little basic learning before attempting this project...

Simple concepts,well relativly simple, like AC vs DC coupling of components will be a prerequisite.

To be honest the question is not sensible because the answers to much of it, beyond me by the way, will be well outside your capailiies to even understand let alone impliment.
I am not saying you dont have the capacity to learn, just that your question makes it clear you have a great deal to learn befoer most of the answer will make any sense.

My advice,
ask some simple questions and do some basic research and experiments untill you have a firm grasp of the basic concepts.
This will answer some of your origional questions and make yoiu realise that there many more yoiu haven't even apriciated are important yet.