Jamceo color organ putting together

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Kristian Pikner

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Hey! I am not English speaker but try to explain you.
I bought this kit beacuse I have maded Tip31 color organs before and wanted to try something new. I first started to put it toghether and realised it is much harder than I thinked. I started to put it on breadboard. And when finished one section it not start working. I tried to make circuit in eda easy page. And putted the circuit there. But after 3 ties I thinked to ask your help. I put some photos there so maybe you can help me.
1. photos is how it all should look if putted togheter.
2. Photo is the full scheme of the circuit
3. Is photo that scheme I made in eda easy page. Maybe it is wrong to only try one part of it?
4. Is photo of how eda easy page draw the circuit.
5. Is what I have made on breadboard

So if someone can see the mistake in the scheme or in my layout I would like to know.
If to turn on power the leds should blink for second but mine not. Also I measured that positive and negative is everywhere that it shows in eda circuit. Maybe there is some parts that I have put wrong side to the scheme or I have understand all very wrong way. The hardest for me is the
single loose parts on main circuit and what the VCC means?

Some Tip31 videos