Issues with GE GFD49ERPK0DG electric dryer

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My GE GFD49ERPK0DG electric dryer is close to 5 years old and I already had 2 issues which I was able to fix. I would like to share these 2 issues in this forum hoping that it may help others and ask couple of questions regarding this dryer.
My questions are:
1. To change any internal parts in this dryer you need to remove the back panel. I had difficulty to remove the back panel but after removing all the screws in the back, I was able to tilt it up and secure it so it will not fall on me while I was working in the back of the dryer. I wasn't able to find any guide in the web on how to properly open this dryer. If anybody has a link on how to dismantle this dryer I will appreciate.
2. On the web the only help I was able to find regarding this dryer is the part diagram on the link. If anybody can provide the electric and electronics diagram or the service manual I will appreciate.

Issues with GE GFD49ERPK0DG electric dryer and resolutions:
1. In about 4 years the dryer started to stop in 2-3 minutes. After spending several hours I realized that one of the dryer rod sensors came off and it ended up in the bottom of the lint filter slot. Before I put it back I gently bent both sides slightly hoping that it will not come off again. This is the GE part numbers WE01X10399 or WE01X10400 (one is upper sensor the other is lower) which are now replaced with GE parts WE01X22114 and WE01X22074 which one end is longer. I think this is a design error fix which secures the rod sensor better in the it's place.
2. Just recently the dryer stopped working. The front panel had no lights. After verifying with a voltmeter that the wall power outlet (4-prong dryer outlet) had no issues I started to dismantle the back panel of the dryer (this was the most difficult part). Next I started to test all the thermostats with an ohmmeter for connectivity. When I tried to test the thermostat GE part# WE04X10187, one of the connector came off. As you can see from the attached pictures, excessive heat and arcing damaged the thermostat. Also the wire easily camo off the connector. I assume that the wire was not secured properly to the connector and the arcing for 5 years finally damaged the thermostat. I ordered a new one and I replaced using a new connector and I also cut the exposed part of the wire that was all black. So far the dryer is working well.

I hope my experience will help others and if you know how to disassemble this dryer please post the link or the instructions on this forum.