Issue with powering a MAX16054AZT+T

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I am testing out the MAX16054AZT+T momentary to latching IC for a project I am planning and something is happening and I am not sure as to why.

I am powering it via a 5v regulator which is being fed with a 9v battery and it works great, I have a red LED on the normal OUT and a yellow LED on the alternative OUT. Pressing the push button toggles the LEDs on and off as hoped.

However, when I power it with a 9v DC adaptor to the 5v regulator, or with a 5v DC adaptor, the yellow LED stays on after pushing the button instead of switching. The red LED sometimes quickly flickers on the push of the button but the yellow LED is staying on.

I am a bit stumped as to why it will not work when an adaptor is being used, which must be for the project as I intend to use relays which will quickly drain a battery if one is used.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

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